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Common Threads

Self Sufficiency for the Modern World

Summer 2019 Camps

Our summer camps provide kids with the opportunity to immerse themselves in our unique skill-set while making new friends and getting some outdoor playtime.  Our camps are designed for ages 6 to 12 with activities geared for ages 8-9 and adjusted accordingly for older and younger campers. 

Each week's activities centre loosely on a theme but always cover the four Common Threads pillars: sewing, cooking, organization and money management. Each week is different, so you are welcome to sign up for multiple weeks with no risk of repeat projects. 

Snacks are provided. Kids are asked to bring their own lunch and a reusable water bottle.

Each camp is a week long, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  

Typical Camp Structure

A typical camp day includes 3 or 4 projects with a longer afternoon outing or activity.  We often bake our afternoon snack in the morning as one of our projects.

Weather permitting, we bring our lunches to the park and play afterwards for around 1 hour.

Each week also includes:

  • An age appropriate, theme related movie
  • Swimming at a local pool
  • Games (minute to win it, board games, outdoor park games) 
  • A Friday afternoon street sale (which the kids will plan, create and budget for throughout the week)
  • A neighbourhood map quest (using a compass and/or a map, we will follow a designated trail to find some treasures along the way) 


One week of camp is $340 +HST per child

2019 Summer Camp Descriptions

July 8-12: Unicorns, Mermaids & Rainbows


If you love mythical creatures, then this week is for you! We will create our own unicorns, mermaid tail blankets and rainbow pillows. 

There will be plenty of sparkle and a treasure map adventure to keep the wonder alive. 

July 15-19: The Great Outdoors


Summer in Canada is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors and our relationship with it. We’re talking camping prep, animal friends and how to protect ourselves from the elements (and bugs!).

We will sew handy items to have for exploring, talk about first aid, learn how to use a compass and have a campfire at Taylor Creek Park. 

July 22-26: Recycling Wonders


So many things can be repurposed into useful items! We’ll use bed sheets, used clothing, bottle caps, tin cans and more in our projects this week – turning “trash” into treasures.

We’ll tackle recycling in the kitchen too! E.g. how to use food that was part of a previous meal to make a new meal and how to regrow vegetables using the parts we tend to throw away. 

Jul 29-August 2: Cooking: Feed my family


Our goal this week is for kids to learn how to make simple, family pleasing meals.

We will explore some kitchen basics – how to read a recipe, measurements and, safety.

Kitchen math is also on the menu. We’ll explore grocery store shopping and how to make the most of your food budget.

This camp is heavily focused on food, but we will do a few craft and sewing projects as well – food themed, of course! 

August 12-16: Travel to Italy


Pack your bags, we’re going to Italy! Just joking. But we will spend a week preparing to travel – think packing, budgets and passports – and exploring Italian culture in our various projects.

We will learn some map reading skills with a neighbourhood scavenger hunt.  We will sew some helpful travel items.  Our food projects will explore some yummy Italian dishes. 

August 19-23: Circus Time


Run away for the week and join our circus! We will plan our very own circus event from acts, costumes, and carnival food.

Creativity will be given it’s due at our camp where we will invite others to come and enjoy the show at weeks end. 


August 26-30: Back to School Bling

Last week of summer, but it won’t be a bummer. Instead we will spend the week making bling to return to school in style. 

Our projects will include helpful items and pretty things, sometimes both at the same time (think pencil cases and new shirts)!

We will also work on “back to school” clothes shopping budgets, lunch planning and grocery shopping know-how.