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Self Sufficiency for the Modern World

Self Sufficiency for the Modern World

Self Sufficiency for the Modern WorldSelf Sufficiency for the Modern World



Parties are offered year round based on space availability (i.e. we're not hosting a class).  Typically this is during the evening or on weekends but we're open to other timing based on your wishes!

Parties are booked for 3 hours and include an activity plus some time for food.  

You are welcome to bring your own food and use our kitchen facilities. Alternatively we can provide food for an additional cost. 

Our parties work best for ages 6+, including adults!  

We've provided some sample party ideas below to help get your ideas rolling.  Once we learn more about your event we can suggest some specific project ideas.

For further details or to book a party, please fill out our online form here.


Prices start at $30+HST per attendee with a minimum of 6 attendees and a maximum of 12.

Food can be added for as little as $5+HST per attendee depending on the menu.

Little Seamstress/Tailor (age 6-11)

Little Seamstress/Tailor (age 6-11)

Little Seamstress/Tailor (age 6-11)


Kids parties with something new!  We'd love to host your little one's (age 6+) birthday party and teach them some sewing skills too!

We'll learn more about your child and tailor (no pun intended) the activity to them.

Examples: fortune cookie, unicorn or minecraft pillow; book bag; hand sewn merit badges

Tween / Teen Parties (age 12-18)

Little Seamstress/Tailor (age 6-11)

Little Seamstress/Tailor (age 6-11)


Who doesn't love a personalized party?  We can focus on cooking, sewing or  map reading / time management. 

These parties can be hosted solely by us, or parents can attend as well.

Examples: make the party meal (cooking focus), sew some new clothes (skirt / top / scarf), neighbourhood scavenger hunt

Bridal Showers (18+)

Little Seamstress/Tailor (age 6-11)

Bridal Showers (18+)


Make something for the bride or yourself in a relaxed and creative environment!

We can also accommodate little ones (4+) if you'd like to include them too - perhaps with their own project for the bride.

Examples: throw pillow, lingerie shorts, makeup bag

Baby Showers (18+)

Girls Night Out (18+)

Bridal Showers (18+)


What a great way to mark a new arrival! Why not let us a party where you make something for the soon to arrive baby?

If you'd like to include siblings too (4+) we can give them their own special project.

Examples: decorate a onesie, make a rattle toy, nursery wall decorations

Girls Night Out (18+)

Girls Night Out (18+)

Girls Night Out (18+)


Who needs a special event to have a party?  Sometimes getting out of the house is all the excuse you need.

We're happy to host your party and fit the project to the attendees interests and skill level.

Examples: evening clutch, PJ pants, cross stitch wall hanging