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June Calendar

Here are our offerings for June at a glance.  

Open studio times (indicated with a scissor icon) are available for you to bring own project (BYOP) or pick a project (PYOP) from one of our monthly offerings.  

Links within the calendar will take you to the individual class details.

Adult Learn to Sew Series

This  month we are also starting a sewing series for adults.  No prior experience is needed but if you have some you are still welcome and we expect you will learn some new skills too!

Our series is 6 classes long, and is intended for ages 16 and up. If you have an eager one who’s younger (12-15), lets talk!

We will teach sewing basics including hand and various machine stitching techniques, pattern usage, cutting, ironing and how to refashion clothing (vs. starting from scratch!). Our laidback environment is welcoming for beginners as well as those with some experience – our guidance will adjust to each attendee’s comfort level. 

Our projects will include:  fabric boxes, reversible skirt with button closure, pajama shorts, t-shirt refashioning project (adjusted / redesigned to fit attendee), and a make up bag

Each class is 2.5 hours long (for a total of 15 hours of classes over the series) and the cost for the series includes all supplies.



Bring Your Own Project (BYOP)

We have various dates throughout the month for you to come and sew with us! There are evening, daytime and weekend slots. Our goal is to be flexible in our hours and project offerings!

If you need to bring the kids, you can! We have a sitting area, some books and toys to entertain them while you sew. Or you can involve them in the project!

You can bring your own project (that means supplies like fabric or specialty notions like zippers) and we’ll help you through it / show you how to use the sewing machine. We have big work tables too if it’s space you need! Experienced sewers will be on hand to help you out.


  • Clothes that need mending or altering
  • Pillows you’ve been meaning to make
  • Curtains you want to shorten
  • Baby blanket you’d like to make for a new family member

COST: $15 +HST per hour or part thereof.



Pick Your Own Project (PYOP)

Alternatively, you can pick a project from our monthly offerings and pick a time to come and make it that's most convenient for you. 

Prices vary by project and include studio time. Some projects can be completed in 1 session but we offer 2 dates slots as well if more time is needed.  Future dates do not cost extra, we charge you for the project not per class time.

Additional details and sign up for these classes can be found by following the links in the calendar above.